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So…..what is on the mind of Wolfie Smith? (1979)

From the pages of Tornado – who could have used the byline ‘a short-lived title due to be merged with 2000AD very soon) – ‘The Mind of Wolfie Smith‘ was written by Tom Tully with art by Vincente Vano. It tells the story of a young boy, Ernie (aka ‘Wolfie’) Smith, whose telepathic and telekinetic powers suddenly emerge. But what, you may ask, does a ‘boy with the most powerful brain in the world’ crave?

Oh-kay. ‘Woflie*’ (if I can call you that) – you are the BOY WITH THE MOST POWERFUL BRAIN IN THE WORLD. Think about it. You can use your incredible talents for awe inspiring feats, change your world, and everyone around you – for better or worse. Look inside yourself – what is it you desire? How do you want to utilise that magnificent brain?

Oh F.F.S….

Taken from the pages of Tornado, issue 30, The Mind of Wolfie Smith (pages 28 and 30).

* I am sure this is a happy coincidence, but Wolfie shared the same name as a popular Seventies sitcom character.