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King Kong lolly!!! (1970s) and a small appraisal of TV Comic (1950s – 1980s)

There were many, many types of lolly in the 70’s and 80’s, the market fuelled by the regular patrols of Ice Cream Vans throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn of my childhood. In order to get a piece of the action, the ice cream makers came up with all sorts of branding and commercial tie-ins to get the kids to hand over their parents pennies. As I write this, I remember an Action Man tie-in where our ‘Mr Whippy’ van used to give a few of these cigarette type cards with Action Man in various ‘action’ scenarios. Anyone remember? If you do, please get back to me! I digress. One popular type of branding was combining ice cream with Horror characters and Monsters. I have, in the past, mentioned the use of Count Dracula in selling ice cream (see here and here). Now, I present the majesty of KING KONG;

Big in the mid 1970s, and partly helped by the remake of the classic film, this fantastic lolly was – what else? – a milky banana treat, and one of my favourites. The following advert gives you some indication of the Walls roster of lollies around the time of King Kongs existence;

The lolly wrapper and advert come courtesy of the marvellous ‘doyouremember’ forums (see links below for the sources of these wonderful images). The advert itself is taken from TV Comic. Here are the links – it’s a great site, with lots of brilliant images and useful recollections….

TV Comic…..I have a very happy memory of being at Primary School in the 1970s and purchasing a pile of TV Comic at a School Jumble Sale. For 10p I acquired what felt like hundreds of issues. I cannot remember how I got them home, but I know they gave me hours and hours and pleasure. This comic did exactly as its title suggested – it was a comic full of comic strips based on TV shows. Like the Pink Panther. I remember the Pink Panther on the cover of some of the comics vividly. I also acquired a load of summer specials in that pile. I was in a state of comic ecstasy and began my life long love of comics, as I graduated, through the years onto Action, Bullet, Captain Britain, Mighty World of Marvel and 2000AD.

LINKS!!!! – Wiki entry for TV Comic. – The Venerable 26Pigs site has a grrrreat piece about the TV Comic title. – A great site that shows lots of TV Comic annuals throughout the years of its existence. Lovely. – A fascinating collectors perspective of the title. A good read with some great detail.