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Post Apocalypse XIX – I Am Alive (2012 – hopefully)

After several years defining ‘development hell’, and making the title of the game more a statement of intent (which was accident rather than design, one assumes), Ubisoft look like they are finally close to getting their post-apocalypse survival game out in the next few months. It’s planned for this winter. It’ll be out via Xbox live & PSN, and from the reports coming in, it is looking like it could be quite special, a mix of ‘Assasins Creed’ and ‘Uncharted’ with a bit of ‘The Road’, with it’s atmosphere of desperation, thrown in for good measure. More here;


Just to show how long this has been in development, this is from the E3 in 2008 (with a completely different main character);

and they even managed a E3 2010 video (which again, looks nothing like the ‘I Am Alive’ that is ready to go live);