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Christmas Gifts We Left Behind – The K Tel Record Selector (The Seventies, of course)

The K Tel Record Selector (aka The K Tel Disc O Selector, probably rebranded to exploit the burgeoning Disco fad of the late 70s) was an ideal Christmas gift over 30 years ago – if you had lots of vinyl (and preferably that vinyl was made up of mainly K Tel compilation albums). My uncle had one of these contraptions, which were effectively the analogue / manual / real life version of the iPod click wheel. You could browse your collection of albums, stacked neatly in the ‘selector’, at different speeds – well, either ‘slow’ or ‘fast’ in reality. As I recall, the actual ‘browsing’ process consisted of you flicking the first album towards you, and the whole collection rapidly followed en masse, doling out potential injuries to the ‘browser’ (ie a real living person). Here are some pictures….

Link!!! – If you remember K Tel compilations, then you really, really ought to visit this site. It would be perfect if they had this on the site;

…but there is time for that. While they are at it, can they include this as well?

Commercial break……..

Finally, check out K Tel Queens flickr page;