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The List – My 10 best book bargain finds

I love buying books. I also quite like reading them as well. But better than that is browsing book shops and comic stores for the BARGAIN. Even more exciting than blowing 100 euros on the Amazon UK site, the thrill of finding something you were looking for, at a reduced price, is VERY exciting. Here are my top ten, with geeky details like location and price paid;

1) The Psychotronic Video Guide
5 quid from a book outlet in Hornsea

2) Agro by Michel Parry and the novelisation of Enter The Dragon by Mike Roote
Agro by Michel Parry at Vault of Evil
Review of Enter the Dragon at goodreads
30p for the two, from a car boot sale in Hull (the best car boot sales ever)

3) Batman Collected by Chip Kidd
The Works, Scarborough – 8 quid

4) The Seduction of the Gullible (first edition) by John Martin
find it at google books
at Forbidden Planet in Nottingham – paid the cover price, but hey – a first edition!

5) This is Uncool: The 500 Greatest Singles since Punk and Disco by Gary Mulholland
3 quid from Music Zone (RIP *sob*) in Birmingham

and then there are 2 English Bookshops in Amsterdam (including the ABC)  that provide endless quality bargains;

6) Shade The Changing Man Volume 1 – The American Scream by Pete Milligan
2 euros

7) The Original Video Nasties by Allan Bryce
its at for 46 quid……
5 euros

8) Essential Doctor Strange Volume 1 by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
4 euros

9) Planet Hulk Omnibus by Greg Pak
3 euros

and finally

10) Taschen Mens Adventure Magazines
Got it cheaper than wot it is on Amazon UK
5 euros

In some cases, I only saved a few euros / a few quid, but some of these books are out of print and hard to find now. In some instances, it is the fact that I wanted them AND there was a few quid knocked off that made it so special. In a couple of cases it was just that I thought they looked cool (Enter The Dragon springs to mind). They aren’t ranked in any particular order, other than the exception that is the Psychotronic book as it has the best memory for me – it managed to cure a stinking hangover. Oh, the power of the written word!!!!

For the sake of balance, and so I don’t come across to much like a smug git, there are times I have bought a book from Amazon or a book store at full price and then weeks later see it reduced in a book sale. The most recent example is here.

As an aside, while researching this article I found out that selectadisc in nottigham closed down. Gutted – it was one of the best record shops in the UK.

If anyone would like to share their bargain reminisces with me here, I would welcome them, and maybe feel a little sick I didn’t see them first.