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Review – Phonogram 2: Singles Club #4 (image, 2009)

Look at that picture. That is Seth Bingo and the Silent Girl. They are the stars of this superb installment of the superb ‘Singles Club’ series. If you think that 2 DJs working their ‘magic’ in a booth would not make for a comic book, please expand your horizons. Concerned with nothing more than 2 people trying to get people to dance on a Saturday night, this works for 2 reasons;

1) The art is exquisite – these are beautiful young people portrayed by McKelvie as stunningly beautiful young people. The framing, the expressions, the little movements of the characters are all wonderful.

2) The script and dialogue. Any comic that references one of the best singles ever (Johnny Boy ‘You are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve’) deserves applause. Any comic that manages that, a dig at Hard-Fi and a superb panel that reveals the magic of Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ deserves to be read by everyone at least once. So please, find it at your LCS and buy it.

By the way, check out the stunning Johnny Boy track here;
Johnny Boy, ‘You are the generation that bought more shoes and you get what you deserve’ video

They even manage to namecheck the Pixies and they play CSS ‘Lets make love and listen to death from above’, one of the greatest summer singles ever. I can say no more than this about this comic book – it is exquisite, charming and life-affirming.