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The Best Ever Summer Singles part III – The Soup Dragons ‘I’m Free’ (1990)

Originally a Rolling Stones track, it was refitted for the early 90’s ‘baggy’ dance/rock scene by Indie stalwarts The Soup Dragons. It got to no.5 in the UK singles chart in July 1990, it was their biggest hit, and they managed one more hit, ‘Mother Universe’, which was off their ‘Lovegod’ album. ‘I’m free’ was added to the album in subsequent reprints. A big happy sound. Enjoy.

The Best Summer Singles part II – Madonna, ‘Borderline’ (1984)

Whatever you may think of Madonna, there can be no disputing that some of her songs are pretty good, and in my opinion this is the best one of all. ‘Borderline’ was originally released in the UK in June 1984 – but failed to make the Top 40 on that occasion, it got to no.2 in January of 1986. Here is the video;


Borderline, By Madonna, at Wikipedia