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Daley Thompson, Iron Maiden and one of the best damn adverts of the mid eighties (1985)

Short, sweet and to the point, this advert is a classic – 30 seconds of intensity, matching the athleticism of Daley Thompson, one of the greatest ever British Athletes, with the awesome Iron Maiden track ‘Phantom of the Opera’ (from their self titled debut album, with Paul DiAnno on vocals). After the rebranding as an energy drink in the mid-eighties (with this advert as a cornerstone of the new image), Lucozade went on to greater success as one of the drinks of choice for clubbers and more specifically ravers in the late eighties and early nineties (see links for more on that).

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An article on the ‘second summerof love’, acid house etc – a mention of lucozade in there, near the bottom of the article

By the way, remember Adamski releasing that single with the mocked up lucozade bottle on the cover – here is a small picture of the sleeve (it was called NRG, by the way);

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