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Review – Ultimate Comics Spiderman #1 (Marvel, 2009)

If the Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 is the action movie, then this title is the light relief, with a few surprises at the end. And a bit of action. Like the new Avengers title, this is a breath of fresh air, with a easy on the eye style (Lafuentes art is stylish but with character – it looks like good comic book art without any pretention to be anything else) and plenty of humour in the first few pages. More than that though, are the plot threads layered over the top of the fundamental one (that being the return of the feared dead Peter Parker as Spider-Man) – like strangers eager to do the same job as Spider-Man, the appearance of one of the Fantastic Four, a return of a formidable foe, and his defeat at the hands of a new character.

It all looks great, and promises a lot for future issues. Like the Avengers title, this could quickly help repair the reputation of the Ultimate Universe after Ultimatum. I have no doubt Bendis will deliver on the story lines.

Which brings me to the one gripe I have with the all new Ultimate line – this issue is set 6 months after Ultimatum, and Avengers is set 3 weeks after. Can’t they sync the titles for continuities sake?