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Review – Unknown Soldier #15 (Vertigo, 2009)

The harsh reality of the camp is portrayed unflinchingly in this issue, where reality hits hard, but suspicion can be rooted in magic and witchcraft. Ponticellis art is exquisite – each panel is like a painting, each panel beautiful but that beauty never detracts from the powerful subject matter being displayed. Dysarts plot centres around missing medicinal supplies, a Doctor struggling to cope and suspicious of Moses and his new path of redemption, and the UPDF, trying to stem the tide of LRA attacks, but seen as little more than Mercenaries by some. And then there is Moses, struggling for a reason to justify staying in the camp – and then, right at the end, a reason turns up….

Plus! Jack Lee Howl makes an appearance, a real cherry on top kind of moment in another superb issue. When I read ‘Unknown Soldier’, it is so obvious that Dysart and Ponticelli do not ‘produce’ a ‘comic book’ tile – they pour energy, care, concern, vigour, love and anger into this important work. More and more vital as time passes, the passion and anger in this title rise and become more coherent as each month passes.