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Old Catalogues again….Corgi Toy Catalogue 1973

I did a post recently that showed some scans of a Corgi Catalogue – – and now here is another set of scans, from 1973. Some lovely stuff here – Basil Brush! Noddy! Daktari! Batman! And loads of cool beach buggies!

Images courtesy of

Old Catalogues again….this time its Argos from the mid 70’s, plus a link (1970s)

It’s only however-many-shopping-days-to-go before you know what (though over here in The Netherlands we get 2 bites of the cherry, as we get SinterKlaas early on in December – and the celebrations are gearing up now – and then we get Christmas like wot we do it in the UK later on in the month.) If you don’t know what you want Santa to stuff in your sack this year, maybe these pages of 30 year old toys will make you realise what you really want is a PS3, or maybe your childhood back, or maybe just a boxed Cyborg and Muton in mint condition, as they go for a kings ransom on ebay. Anyway, I take no credit for these scans, but please go to the wonderful do you remember site and have a look at more lovely scans of old toys, if you wish. I think these pages date back to 1975 or 1976. I remember Cherilea producing slightly inferior Action Man type stuff, like vehicles (it always felt a bit cheaper and not as solid as the Palitoy stuff). I had the Airfix Pontoon bridge playset! I had Cyborg and Muton too – I wrote about them a few months back.


Old Catalogues…..Corgi Toy Catalogue page (1980/81) and Argos Catalogue Toy page (1977)

Christmas is coming! One of the best things about my pre Christmas build up as a kid was checking out the toy pages in the various catalogue (Kays, Littlewoods, Argos). Been doing a bit of googling and came across some scans that have given me a little nostalgic glow – maybe they will do the same for you. Click on the images to get a bigger, better view of all those lovely toys (sorry girls, not a lot for you here…).

First off, we have a sample of the Corgi toy catalogue for 1980/81;

The full catalogue scan can be found here;

Here are the Argos page scans from their 1977 catalogue;

Activision Winter / Spring 1984 Catalogue

More game catalogue scans from the early years of home gaming – this time it’s Activision, who produced some of the greatest Atari 2600 console games (like Pitfall, for example);

Amongst the cover art highlights from this catalogue;

and River Raid was one of the great games for the Atari 2600, as well as having great art.