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Check it out – the Grand Comics Database Project. It describes itself as;

The Grand Comic-Book Database Charter

We are building a simple database that will be easy to use and understand, easy to add to, and easy for people to contribute to.

We will include information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic book reader and fan.

If we are able to take this to its ultimate conclusion, this database will contain data for every comic book ever published.

This project is for us, and the people like us. We will use this as a comic-book database which can be searched and sorted. The database will be a resource for fans, hobbyists and collectors, with no commercial objectives.

Basically, if you want to search for a comic cover – it’s there, indexed and catalogued and there in full colour. It is a fantastic project. For example, I wanted to track down the first US marvel comic I purchased – I knew it was Conan, around later 82 / early 83. Within a minute, it was there;

If you are into Comic art (and I find Comic Cover art the most exciting and dynamic) then you need to check this site out.

Its here;