Cyborg & Muton – thrilling space toys of the Seventies!!! (1975)

My god how I loved these toys. I have sketchy memories of a stop motion Television advert for Cyborg and Muton, with them battling it out with the fate of millions in their hands. Produced by Denys Fisher, they were based on the Japanese Shonen toys by Takara – see – and were available in the UK in the mid 1970s. Cyborg and Muton were brilliant deviations from the generic Action Man type action figures available at the time. Strange space creatures with removable soft rubber heads revealing inner workings……transparent torsos, detachable hand/bio weapons and chest firing missiles!!!!!!!!! Cyborg, Muton and Android were 8″ figures from Denys Fisher, made in 1975. The premise was that Muton was an extraterrestrial invader who was able to ravage worlds by mutating into one of his Subforms.

Each subform was capable of controlling an elemental force, and using it for evil. Cyborg, resplendent in white, was the good guy, out to stop Muton.

Android, who was an android, looked like a black robot and fired misslies from his chest. I had him as well, but it was Cyborg & Muton who ruled.

Cyborg and Muton Box Art; Definitive site for these toys. Please go and visit. Cyborg and Muton forums A small page on Cyborg TVCream remembers Henshin Cyborg & Muton – and more importantly, in the comments, someone remembers the ship!!! (See below for picture of the box – anyone have a pic of the thing itself???) More memories of the toys A toy collector with his Henshin Cyborg collection. Good stuff on the Action Man Forum Thanks to this forum thread I have some pretty pictures of Cyborg and Muton leaflets to put on the page – thanks! – toy store online with lots of pics – some i have used here – thanks!

Finally, although I have not found the UK advert, here are some Japanese adverts for Henshin Cyborg, from youtube;

10 thoughts on “Cyborg & Muton – thrilling space toys of the Seventies!!! (1975)”

  1. ~someone remembers the ship!!! (~anyone have a pic of the thing itself???)" grab 'em while you can-,283625430,283625480,283625528&formats=0,0,0,0&format=0

  2. these toys were based on a japanese line called henshin cyborg,which was in itself part of the japanese version of action man, combat joe, when takara made a godzilla costume for combat joe, the line took off, more so than it had with just military costumes,takara decided to make the line into a figure that could be dressed as japanese superheroes, and cast the combat joe in clear plastic, with a new head and mechanical insides.the shonen cyborg was cyborgs son, and was intended to have costumes of the sidekick type characters,this was 8 inches high, but the head and insides were different, although the shonen is the same size as our cyborg,it was actually pantoed down from the 12" japanese figure,and has the same head and insides.this is why the cyborg is basialy a small action man with the same body appart from the head and japan, the henshin cyborg was eventually released in 3 3/4 scale,and became the MICRONAUTS line all over the world, the biotron robot has a "v" on its body, biotron was intended to bridge both scales being playable with both the micronauts and henshin cyborg, the v standing for project victory.the micronauts would eventually spawn transformers as well, so the japanese orihginal lead to at leat three hugely successful uk toy lines.

  3. Still have both Muton & Cyborg complete in the boxes which where found in loft at parents home, haven't seen them for nearly 35 yrs and remember getting them for christmas 1976.

  4. i just remembered the name of cyborg few days ago but could not remember the purple one muton , and found this good site . i also got these for christmas i guess was 75. be nice if i could find some now.

  5. I still have cyborg, Muton Android and the Mighty Cybo-iterceptor in the loft. The ship is still boxed with the removable cybo-invader still inside. I’ll have to dig ’em out for a photo session sometime!!

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