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There was a Pac Man Land, and it lived in Texas – Plus: They made a board game from a video game & Pac Man 7-up and Pac-Man Cereal adverts (all 1980s)

In the early 1980s, Pac-Man became a cultural phenomena which (arguably) has not been repeated since – a videogame character that crossed over into the mainstream in a highly (profitable) commercial manner. Only Mario (and then maybe Sonic) can lay claim to be somewhere near the iconic status of Pac-Man.

As a result of this popularity, many commercial opportunities were explored. Pac-Man land was one of them. A Pac-Man-themed children’s area of the Theme Park ‘Six Flags Over Texas’, it was open from 1983-1985 (to then be replaced by Looney-Tunes land) when presumably, the Pac-Man hysteria had dampened down and his appearance no longer generated sufficient revenue. By the look of the slideshow (see below), the ‘Pac-Man land’ concept consisted of a children’s play area (like the type you get in family pub chains and fast food restaurants) configured to vaguely look like the maze environment where Pac-Man did his thing.;

Quatro – the fizzy drink with the futurepunk advert! (1984)

It (Quatro) was a fizzy drink that was around for a few years in the Eighties and tasted like a more chemically treated Lilt. Imagine that. The most memorable thing about the product was the faintly cyberpunk adverts with some jerky video trickery. Despite the post-industrial / slightly post-apocalyptic setting, it is good to know they still have vending machines around then. There is also a faintly ‘Tron’ vibe with the light streams hitting the fruit. The guy looks like he has come off the set of ‘Wild Boys‘. For some reason I remembered him hitting the vending machine harder than what he does hit it.