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Review – Young Liars #16 (Vertigo, 2009)

This just makes me sad. There are only a couple of issues to go and now it seems as if we are going to get some sort of resolution when it feels like there is no good way of wrapping this up now. This time round we get the back story of Joanie and her half-brother Ronald, and their sandwich shop in Freedom. Then the Brown Bag corporation turn up, and if you read the title, or have even a basic grasp of modern commerce, then you’ll know it ends badly for the little guy. Its another fascinating peek into the murky and convoluted world of the ‘young liars’, including an appearance from ‘Loreli Sweetwater’…but with so little time left before the series ends, did we really need this? I just do not know how this is going to be resolved. I hope it gets some sort of closure. I feel for David Lapham and his dilemma in getting this wrapped up. In his own words;

Got word yesterday. 18 will be the last. There will be plenty of mind blowing shit in every issue till the last. I’m not going to try and force my “ultimate” ending in there but we will have an end, and as this is a series of endings, I can hold out hope that one day I may see it through to the end I had intended be the end, end..

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Verdict. Reading the Young Liars up to now has been a bit like where you wake up after a great dream and think its Monday morning – only to find out it is Saturday morning. It started great, got confusing and disorienting a few issues in, only to come out of the confusion with an energy and vitality, combined with audacious plotting, to make it all worthwhile. I cannot really score this issue because any score on this issue is loaded with the knowledge that there is only 2 more issues to go and I feel unhappy about this. It is probably too late to invest in the single issues now, so get the trades instead.