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Review – Yong Liars #12 (2009)

Warning – Spoliers!!!!

Gosh. I have been reading this from the start, and as the title approaches its first anniversary, I am very happy to say that this is well on it’s way to becoming a truly fantastic title. All the confusion and ??? that permeated the issues from the autumn onwards has been clarified. We are still no nearer the truth, but at least the lies and deception have been given some clarity.

Let me explain.

Issue #12 of David Lapham’s rock and roll odyssey is no jumping on point. You need to read this title from #1 and work your way through it. However, for those of us who have been at times exhilarated, at time frustrated and at other times really frustrated, issue #12 brings everything full circle, back to the start, and Danny Noonan is back at the centre of things. It is his world, after all……even if it is all in his head, or is it? etc…..

The best things about this issue? The way that Lapham completely tears down the ‘truths’ of Danny Noonans life. Like the fact that those that Noonan believed to be his friends and lovers, in particular CeeCee and Sadie, may not be after all. The ‘truth’ is, that his ‘reality’ may be much more complex than the one he imagined. He could be a former rock star who goes by the name of ‘Danny Duoshade’. He could be a rapist. Maybe Danny Noonan is lost and confused. The readers certainly are. The crucial fact here is that despite the bewildering twists and turns, the last 3 issues have been fantastic with a logic that makes each issue coherent.

A success then. Well done David Lapham. Extra points for recommending a Spacemen 3 track on the first page. 9 out of 10.