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Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (19/08/09)

Not much going on this week as far as I am concerned – my 2 picks of the week are;


and all of the weeks releases can be seen here

Daredevil #500 sees the conclusion of the ‘Return of the King’ arc, and also the end of the fabulous Ed Brubaker run as well. Let us hope the issue does him justice. Also, The Stand adaptation continues its fine run with the conclusion of the current ‘American Nightmares’ chapter.


Daredevil #500 preview

The Stand: American Nightmares #5

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (20/05/09)

Not so many this week, but here they are – the titles I am looking forward to this week;


The big one of the week for me – The Boys Herogasm #1 is the first Boys spin-off, and is Garth Ennis pointing his savage pen at the comic book notion of the ‘crossover event’. It is described thus; An evil so profound it threatens all mankind… the mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all… a secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or infinite war seems unavoidable… but have you ever wondered what really happens during Crossovers? The Seven, Payback, Teenage Kix, Fantastico and every other supe on Earth team up for an annual event like no other… and where the supes go, can a certain “five complications and a dog” be far behind? Vought-American prepare to make their move, in a story that will change the world of the Boys forever: Herogasm #1.

So, the book will have implications for the main title, which is currently on a high with Ennis writing some quality stuff, so this is a must if you are a Boys fan or an Ennis fan. Read more about it here.

A less conventional choice, ‘Dracula‘ is less a comic book than a collection of illustrations by Eisner- and Scream Award-nominated writer/artist Ben Templesmith. With Dracula, he provides 27 all-new, full-color chapter illustrations for this special presentation of a classic horror novel. Originally published in 1897, Dracula is one of the best-selling and most influential stories of all time. Looks very nice. Preview here.

A major milestone in the brilliant Brubaker iteration of the iconic Captain America, as it reaches issue 50. Bucky Barnes, another man out of time, is the new Captain America now…but today he’s trapped in the past, because today is Bucky Barnes’ birthday. See Bucky’s favorite and least favorite birthdays – from the cold winters of the Depression on military bases, to the front lines of WW2 fighting alongside the Invaders, to his new mission as Cap. Oh yeah, and someone’s trying to kill him. By Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (06/05/09)

A better week than last week, with some strong Marvel titles out – especially Marvel Zombies and Destroyer (Kirkmans Destroyer is playing out like Charles Bronson has taken over the role of titular hero, going out with a real bang, taking out as many bad guys as he can before he succumbs). The Boys #30 is my top choice for this week. With a cover by Jim Lee (see above), and a bit of breathing space after the monumental ending to “We Gotta Go Now”, the highlight of the issue should be Billy Butcher going off to have a word with Rayner….The Boys is at the top of its game right now, and I expect nothing less than another superb installment this month.

Here are my picks for this week;


The Boys preview
Deadpool preview
Destroyer preview
Marvel Zombies 4 preview

Top Comic Title this Week (29/04/2009)

Unknown Soldier #7 (Dysart / Ponticelli) Vertigo Comics, 2009

I kind of expected this to be some sort of recap, as this was being billed as a ‘jumping on’ point for new and curious readers. What it actually managed to do was expand the title, introducing new characters and intriguing situations (such as the ‘north / south’ divide in Uganda) while also adding to the myth of the ‘Unknown Soldier’. There are some heart-breaking scenes of the devastation that this conflict has wreaked up on communities, some gripping and nerve wracking scenes of violence, and the representation of Moses evolves into something more feral, a spirit of vengeance.

This title is one of the top 3 titles out at the moment. It is starting to get some serious attention in the Comics press, and no doubt it will cross-over and begin to gain plaudits from the mainstream press (I can imagine in the UK the Guardian and Independent loving this). It is an important and entertaining title. The quality is consistently good. It is my comic of the week for so many reasons, but the main reason is it entertains in an intense way.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (29/04/09)

Very light week coming up. The only 2 titles I am looking forward to are Phonogram 2: The Singles Club #2 and Unknown Soldier #7, though that is not a bad week due to their inclusion.



32 PAGES, FC, $3.50

Getting over an ex is never easy. When they’ve laid a phonomantic curse on you, it borders on the impossible. In the second of seven stand-alone stories set in a single club, PHONOGRAM’s cynical heart cracks wide open. PLUS two complete back-up stories with art from EMMA VIECELI (HAMLET, COMIC BOOK TATTOO) and DANIEL HEARD (COMIC BOOK TATTOO, CHIMPLANTS).”

Unknown Soldier #7
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Alberto Ponticelli; Cover by Dave Johnson

The book IGN called “contender for best new series of the year,” as well as the praise-winner from Garth Ennis, Warren Ellis, G4 TV, The Onion, and Ain’t It Cool News features a special stand-alone story: Locals believe the sub-Sahara bush that Moses now calls home to be haunted by the world’s darker inclinations. But Is Moses preparing for a standoff with that evil… or is he the spirit itself?

Don’t miss this special jumping-on point issue, featuring the debut of new cover artist Dave Johnson!
Vertigo 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers
On Sale April 29, 2009

The only other release of note is the Trade paperback of Guggenheim’s Resurrection Vol 1;

Genres: Science Fiction, Drama, Adventure
Rating: O
Pages: 184
Format: Standard
ISBN: 978-1-932664-98-0
Diamond Code: FEB09 4410

Book Description
In development as a major motion picture from Universal Studios!

There is life on other planets. They invaded ours. Pillaging Earth for a decade. Then they vanished without explanation.


The science fiction saga that explores the aftermath of Earth’s most brutal conflict starts here! For ten years the alien invaders have laid waste to our planet, but now they’ve vanished, leaving the survivors with two questions–“Where did the ‘bugs’ go?” and “Where does humanity go from here?”

It’s big existential questions, edge-of-your-seat alien-fueled intrigue, and epic thrills in this collection of the original seven installments of Resurrection! (Includes issues 1-6, plus the 2008 Annual.)

Resurrection: The Insurgent Edition collects all of the black-and-white Resurrection material in conjunction with the launch of the new full color ongoing series that’s now in development as a major motion picture with Universal Studios. Created by noted writer and producer Marc Guggenheim (TV’s Eli Stone, Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man) and featuring moody art from newcomers David Dumeer and Douglas Dabbs, this book picks up where all the other alien invasion stories end.

It’s 184 pages of existential questions, alien-fueled intrigue, and bombastic action for just $6!

This title is volume 1 in the Resurrection series.

See here for more details and 26 page preview.

Top Comic Title This Week (22/04/2009)

Is……..Kick-Ass #6

It gets the comic of the week title for several reasons:

For the humour, the art, the plotting and the twist.

For the line;

“You’re not exactly Batman, Dude. All we did was follow you home”

For Kick-Ass and his lame attempts at trying to woo Katie Deauxma, that are getting more desperate and dangerous in this issue.

It is all quite brilliant.

For a review of Kick-Ass #6, go here

Top comic titles this week (released 15.04.2009)

Punisher #4. For the dark humour. For making The Hood seem like he could take on Tony Montana and Tony Soprano. For the art, the snappy dialogue and zippy pacing. This issue was all you want from a comic some weeks – it made it a great 10 minute experience. Nothing more, except a vague ‘note to self’ that issue 5 should be pretty exciting as well.

‘The Walking Dead’ #60 had some chilling moments and the human drama was well explored and put across, but the previous issues hinted at a last stand scenario for Rick (and maybe Abraham, Morgan and Karl), but the encounter with the ‘herd’ was a major let-down for me. Still, the title comes a good second to Punisher.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (15/04/09)

Some exciting stuff again this week, as 100 Bullets reaches the end of its brilliant run, and Captain America continues to excel (and has the best looking cover this week). Elsewhere, there is an exciting new title from Image (Overlook), The Stand adaptation brings us Randall Flagg and ‘Trashcan Man’ and then we have The Walking Dead. Rick, Abraham, Carl and Morgan are in deep trouble with a herd of Zombies. As the solicitation read – ‘Surrounded!’

Here are my picks of the forthcoming week;


100 Bullets #100 – This is it. Nearly a decade in the making, the Eisner Award-winning, critically acclaimed series comes to its inevitably blood-soaked end. What final fate do agent Graves and the rest of the cast face? Who will be left standing when the gun smoke clears? Find out in the epic, final issue of the series Playboy magazine called “a meditation on money, power and morality…for our money, the best current ongoing series.”

Captain America #49 – The most important issue of Captain America since issue 25 is finally here! Sharon Carter’s dreams are forcing her to relive the death of Steve Rogers — and her time under the control of Dr. Faustus. But will these dreams also reveal hidden secrets about what she saw and did the day Steve died? By Ed Brubaker and Luke Ross.

Overlook #1 – Mickey “the Nickel” Nicholson will do anything for a buck. A dirty prize- fighter, Mickey is hired by a mobster gone straight to infiltrate an underground boxing outfit in the small corrupt town of Overlook. His goal: to find the mobster’s stolen “rainy day” money and kill his wayward wife. In return, the mobster will assassinate a victim of Mickey’s choice.

Stand American Nightmares #2 – The dead are still dead and the living are still finding their way through this horribly altered landscape of America. Thus, it’s a perfect time to—bring on the bad guys! Randall Flagg performs his first act of magic and begins his cross country journey in a souped-up Buick. And then, there’s the strangest addition to the cast yet…Donald Merwin Elbert, the Trashcan Man, a pyromaniac who suddenly has no one to curb his unhealthy obsession with blowing things up. All this plus Rita suggests to Larry Underwood that they should start making their way out of New York, perhaps via…the Lincoln Tunnel! And you know what that means.

Walking Dead #60 – Surrounded! – Captain America preview – Stand American Nightmares preview

Top comic title of the week (released 01.04.2009)

The Boys #29. For the build up to a big face-off between the Boys and the whole G thing. Then it all kicked off, and it was brilliant. The best thing about The Boys #29 is that it seems to be leading into soemthing a whole lot bigger. And also, The Boys #29 is great because Hughie was centre stage and he was brilliant, as human and humane as you are going to get in an Ennis comic. Bravo.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (25/03/09)


Some goodies this week. It’s an Ed Brubaker double whammy, with his amazing run on Captain America continuing as the new Captain America (Bucky) faces up to his crimes as the Winter Soldier. This title is solid entertainment – great writing, amazing art – a real highlight of any week. Then, in Brubakers other title of the week, Daredevil, the Kingpin returns to Hells Kitchen and forges an alliance with Daredevil. This could prove to be a monumental clash as the team-up goes up against Lady Bullseye and the Hand. Could turn out to be a classic storyline for Daredevil……..

Finally, the brilliant Unknown Soldier returns with issue 6, as Moses confronts the Lords Resistance Army, the militia comprised of mainly child soldiers. Promises to be a tense and fraught encounter.

Captain America #48 details;

Captain America #48 preview (courtesy of IGN) here

Daredevil #117 details;

Daredevil #117 preview (again at IGN) here

Unknown Soldier #6 details;