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The ‘Hells Angels ’69’ Theme Tune ‘Chase of Death’ by Tony Bruno, (1969)

Memorable for featuring real Hells Angels, including the infamous Sonny Barger – it is the rather brilliantly titles ‘Hells Angels 69’, which, if you are left with enough time to think about it, could cause your mind to conjure up all sorts of images, so stop and spare yourself that trauma and watch the trailer below, courtesy of the genius of youtube embedded code;

Here it is then – the theme tune to ‘Hells Angels ’69’, ‘Chase of Death’, by Tony Bruno;

Hells Angels 69 Soundtrack – Tony Bruno, Chase of Death

I know little about Tony Bruno. He seems to have done sporadic soundtrack work, but its varied to say the least – he scored the soundtrack for Boogie Boy and Deep Throat II amongst (very few others)

Tony Bruno at IMDB

Mail order Movie Soundtrack advert from back pages of Marvel UK comics (1983)

Anyone who used to read Marvel UK in the early 1980s would probably remember this advert, and it is just an excuse really to print it to show the Soundtrack album covers.

This is taken from 1983, from the back cover of a copy of the Uncanny X-Men reprints. Some great fantasy, action, horror and sci-fi soundtracks listed there – Mad Max 2, The Beastmaster, Xtro….