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Top comic titles this week (released 08.04.2009)

Young Liars #14 was just more proof that this series gets better with age – it is a confusing, sprawling epic, where reality is at no fixed address, but blimey it ROCKS.

Marvel Zombies 4 #1 further enhances the reputation of the Van Lente / Walker team up and shows that their success on Marvel Zombies 3 was no fluke. Why don’t they get to run with the Marvel Zombies franchise with a monthly title?

Also worthy of mention were the Captain Britain & MI13 and Infinite Horizon releases this week. Captain Britain vs Dracula sounds like it should be from his original run in the 70s, but trust me, this title is a must. Superbly written by Paul Cornell, it demands a wide audience. A close third this week. Infinite Horizon – all I can say is welcome back! Great writing and magnificent art.

Review – Captain Britain and MI13 #12 (Marvel, 2009)

Captain Britain & MI13 is one of the great Marvel successes of the last year (critically if not commercially, as there have been rumours (unfounded) about its cancellation). It has transcended its ‘Secret Invasion’ roots and flourished into an exciting title, retaining a uniquely British flavour while firmly existing in the Marvel Universe.

In this issue, the story arc ‘Vampire State’ really picks up some speed. Lady Jacqueline (aka Spitfire) has fallen victim to Dracula’s powers, thanks to the help of her son, Crichton, and now finds herself an unwilling denizen of his Castle on the Moon. In response to her disappearance, Blade, who is really shining in this arc, is doing his damn best to get her back. Pete Wisdom has a great line about Civil Servants and the accepted ‘job for life’ mentality that goes with it, but Brian Braddock is largely absent. It is testament to Paul Cornell’s writing that the cast of characters is so strong that he doesn’t really need to around. Meanwhile Faiza Hussain wields Excalibur with intent amongst the Vampire legions. Great stuff.

I also have to mention the villain of the piece. It can be a mistake to try and portray a classic, iconic figure in a modern day comic book, but Dracula is superbly portrayed by Cornell – a cross between an old English aristocrat and a General with some antiquated views on race and his vision of Britain, he is a superb Villain, a worthy adversary, eclipsing Dr Dooms appearance earlier on in the arc.

So, what do we get out of Captain Britain and MI13 #12? A fantastic cover (it reminds me of the video to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’). Some truly brilliant writing (a Vampiric Aristocrat who is a dyed-in-the-wool racist. Some heart rending scenes that show the agony and despair of human cattle being (literally) hung out to dry. We get the majesty and epic scope of the appearance of the Vampires Vessel that is intended to subdue Britain. These are some of the highlights, and on top of that a brilliant cliffhanger. This book is as good as it gets this week (and it is a very good week so far).

Captain Britain and MI13 #12 is out now.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (09/04/09)

Some good stuff this week, especially;





Captain Britain continues to be great, as it maintains a real British vibe with some great choices for supporting characters (such as Blade). Lots of vampires this issue, and how can you go wrong with that? I have already written about Infintite Horizon in the last couple of days, but I will say again ABOUT TIME TOO!

Another highlight is the return of the Marvel Zombie franchise, with The Midnight Sons, under the leadership of Vampire Michael Morbius and under the command of A.R.M.O.R., hunt zombies who have escaped to different universes. Meanwhile, The Hood makes his own plans to capture the virus for his own ends. This should be great, especially as Fred Van Lente did such a great job with Marvel Zombies 3. Read more about it here.

Finally, Young Liars #14 arrives this week to confuse and exhilirate in equal measure, but it is always welcome and it is always either good or, as it has been lately, excellent. This time around, it looks as if Annie X is the focal point. Captain Britain & MI13 #14 preview Infinite Horizon #4 preview Marvel Zombies 4 #1 solicitation information
Young Liars #14 solicitation information