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Canadian animation from NFB – ‘Hunger / la faim’ 1974 Part I

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A nightmarish Sunday afternoon treat from the Seventies. I remember this coming on one sunny afternoon as a kid, and my perspective on everything slightly changing after watching it. Disturbing stuff. They wouldnt get away with showing it nowadays at that time slot, because there’s too many game shows, reality programmes and the like *rambles on incoherently, faces the fact he is becoming like his grandad day by day*

They used to show a fair few of these when I was a kid. I think they used to be on ITV? Anyway, this one still stands up today, because it has an eerie unsettling quality due to its music (which is exemplary) and the computer generated graphics (yup, CGI in the 70’s. The morphing effects are probably an innovation in animation, but maybe someone out there knows different. It makes a political point we all know, but its interesting, creepy and sticks in your mind for a while after – it has stuck with me for 30 years.

Here is part I (of II) – the full version can be seen in one go at the NFB site;

NFB site