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Dance Craze shopfront and instore promotion at HMV Oxford Street (1981)

These are photographs of the HMV Oxford Street, promoting the ‘Dance Craze’ album. The photographs are assumed to be taken circa winter / spring 1981. Only 3.49 for the album!

Images courtesy of a brilliant blog called ‘Voices of East Anglia’;

‘Dance Craze’ was a documentary film capturing the 2 Tone phenomena at its peak, and comprised of live concert footage of the main bands of the movement. .

Here is the first part of the documentary;

Also, to accompany the film, a soundtrack was released, comprising many of the songs played in the film. The album contains 15 tracks, as opposed to the films 27 tracks. Notable absentees from the soundtrack include ‘On My Radio’ (a chart hit for The Selector) and ‘The Prince’ (the first single from Madness).

The soundtrack album listing was as follows;

Side One
“Concrete Jungle” – The Specials
“Mirror In The Bathroom” – The Beat
“Lip Up Fatty” – Bad Manners
“Razor Blade Alley” – Madness
“Three Minute Hero” – The Selecter
“Easy Life” – The Bodysnatchers
“Big Shot” – The Beat
“One Step Beyond” – Madness

Side Two
“Ranking Full Stop” – The Beat
“Man At C&A” – The Specials
“Missing Words” – The Selecter
“Inner London Violence” – Bad Manners
“Night Boat To Cairo” – Madness
“Too Much Pressure” – The Selecter
“Nite Klub” – The Specials

The album chart statistics for ‘Dance Craze’ are below, courtesy of;

Artist: Original Soundtrack
Title: Dance Craze
Type: Album
Entered chart on 14/02/1981 at #7
Most recent chart entry on 23/05/1981 at #61
Chart Appearances: 15
Highest Position: 5

SWAT (TV series) intro – 1976

Dont know a lot about the show – it was a short-lived Aaron Spelling series from the 70’s. Not even sure if we got to see it in the U.K. The main reason I am posting this is becasue of the FANTASTIC theme music. A version of this, by the group Rhythm Heritage, got to No.1 on the US billboard chart in 1976. Its an uptempo funky classic with a real urgency about it. It got sampled by Lauren Hill on ‘Sweetest Thing’ and The Prodigy on ‘Funky Shit’. For more information, check out the links here and here

More about Rhythm Heritage

You can get ‘Theme From SWAT’ by Rhythm Heritage on this fine album and find out a bit more info on DJ Pogo here

SWAT the TV series at Wikipedia (not much information on there to be honest)

Someone called SuperFuzz has put together a good mix of early hip hop classics including ‘Schools Out’ by Mekon feat. Schooly D, which samples ‘Theme from SWAT’. Well worth listening too, he also gives a tracklisting and some observations. Here’s the link;

Bill Conti – Going The Distance (Rocky OST 1976)

Probably some of the best movie music ever was produced by composer Bill Conti for the soundtrack to Rocky. Alongside the famous theme tune “Gonna Fly Now” (a US Billboard No.1) is the equally stirring “Going The Distance”, used in the climactic fight with Apollo Creed. As the title suggests, the song is used to convey the fact that the fight is going to be a tough one. The track starts with a sombre tone, to match the determination and resolve of Rocky in the ring, but it climaxes with a stirring interpretation of the title theme, as Rocky fights in vain to win the contest. It really is a superb piece, uplifting, stirring, emotional. It perfectly matches the tone of the film, and elevates the fight scene to an epic.

Anyway, sample it for yourself as some kind soul has posted it up on youtube (see below);

Bill Conti profile at the IMDB is here

For everything Rocky, go to

A breakdown of which song on the soundtrack appears where in the film is here

Finally, the Wiki page on Rocky is here