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POWERPOP! Selection 1 – The Jags, ‘Back Of My Hand’

The Jags were an English group formed in the Seventies. On 8 September 1979, the powerpop single “Back of My Hand”, written by Nick Watkinson (Singer) and John Alder (Guitar), entered the UK Singles Chart. A classic piece of powerpop, with a vocal that was reminiscent of Elvis Costello in his pomp, it stayed in the chart for a respectable 10 weeks, peaking at Number 17. The clip (above) is from their Top Of The Pops appearance promoting the single. “Back of My Hand” was included on their debut album “Evening Standards”, which was released the following year.

Their follow-up single “Woman’s World” did not match the success of “Back Of My Hand”, as it just got into the UK charts, reaching 75 in February 1980 before promptly dropping out again. They disbanded after a second album in 1982.