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The Boys #72 – the final solicitation. (Dynamite, 2012)

BOYS #72 (MR)
(W) Garth Ennis (A/CA) Darick Robertson
THE FINAL ISSUE! The long day closes on the Brooklyn Bridge, as our hero finally meets his destiny. There’s one last deal to be done, As Stillwell finds out the real cost of doing business, and one last surprise for Rayner too – as she begins her long-dreamed of political career. The Boys’ story comes to an end in this final issue containing 24 pages of story! Contains 5 pin-up pages of brand-new art as well as a complete cover gallery!

Solicitation for The Boys #71 (Dynamite, 2012)

THE BOYS #71Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russ Braun
Colorist: Tony Aviña
High above the streets of New York City, Hughie and Butcher reach the end of the line. There’s blood to be spilled and truth to be heard. The last Boys storyline reaches its conclusion, in the sixth and final part of The Bloody Doors Off.
1 issue till the end!!!

Hmmm…..Hughie on this cover smiling wistfully. Knowing Ennis, this is a portent of bad news for Hughie……

Ennis’ Genesis of The Boys? ‘The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe’ (1995)

As Garth Ennis puts to rest The Boys (with the finale a few issues away), it is interesting to see elements of Billy Butcher in other work that Ennis has done. If we go back as far as 1995, maybe we see the proto Billy Butcher, and maybe the kernel of the idea that eventually became The Boys?

In ‘The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe’, the title is probably the most spoilerific spoiler that I have known in comics. The contents are well described by the title. I will not elaborate much more on the plot, merely to say that the (ahem) ‘trigger’ for Frank Castle’s rampage of revenge, is the loss of his loved ones by the actions of Superheroes.

Sound familiar? That’s probably because, if you read The Boys, that is exactly the same scenario that gives Billy Butcher and Wee Hughie their drive and motivation. The main motivation of Butcher, seemingly, is to kill all the Capes, just like Frank.

Frank….or Billy? (It’s Frank -aka The Punisher)

They even look alike;

The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe is one of those ‘What-If?’ scenarios taken to the extreme. It is funny if you get the Garth Ennis black humour, and his love of putting Superheroes through a metaphorical mincer. He may have even put a superhero through a mincer for all I know. Anyway, this Marvel one-shot is well worth your time.

Links!!! – Someone doesn’t like this Punisher one-shot, and has a bit of a rant. Someone bothered to leave a couple of comments, which are the perfect coda to the review. Funny.

Solicitation for The Boys #70 (Dynamite Entertainment, 2012)

The Boys #70 solicitation for September;

Rating: Mature
Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russ Braun
Page Count: 32 pages

On his own and out of options, Hughie resorts to extreme measures to keep himself in the game. Meanwhile, as vengeful forces close in from all around, Bradley considers a drastic step of her own- but will Stillwell allow her to get away with it? Butcher asks the big questions and Hughie finds out one last secret of his own, as The Bloody Doors Off races towards its fateful conclusion.
2 issues till the end!!!

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Solicitation for The Boys #69 (Dynamite Entertainment, 2012)


32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Mature

Written by GARTH ENNIS



The third bad day: as Hughie reels from the events of last issue, the trail leads him to the home of an old adversary thought long dead. Butcher gets in touch with a few details no one’s yet considered, and Frenchie gives our hero a brutally honest rundown on his chances- before a lethal attack at the heart of the Boys’ operation shatters the status quo forever. Hughie finally discovers exactly what he’s doing, in part four of The Bloody Doors Off.

3 issues till the end!!!

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Solicitation for The Boys #67 (Dynamite, 2012)

32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Mature
Written by GARTH ENNIS 
The ghosts of the Legend’s past rise to haunt him, and in a way so do MM’s- as he catches up with his daughter and finds out much, much more about her recent mistakes than he bargained for. Meanwhile Hughie investigates the recent tragedy and ends up in an unexpected showdown… with Monkey? The bodycount mounts in part two of The Bloody Doors Off.

Solicitation for The Boys #66 (Dynamite, 2012)

32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Mature
Written by GARTH ENNIS 
The last Boys story begins with some very shady goings on in Moscow, as an old friend runs into some unexpected trouble. Butcher announces a promotion that doesn’t please everybody, Annie makes a decision that horrifies Hughie- and in the aftermath of last issue’s super-carnage, Vought-American begin the struggle for survival. Part one of the six-part The Bloody Doors Off.

Solicitation for The Boys #65 (Dynamite, 2012)

40 pages FC  •  $4.99  •  Mature
Written by GARTH ENNIS 
The showdown between Butcher and the Homelander turns out to be something neither of them expected, as all Hell breaks loose in the Washington skies and MM teaches Hughie one last Secret History lesson. One story ends and another begins, as Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men reaches its bloody conclusion. Over 30 pages of story and art!  The Countdown begins!  Only 7 issues to go!

Solicitation for The Boys #64 (Dynamite, 2012)

32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Mature
Written by GARTH ENNIS 
Still reeling from the events of last issue, Hughie follows his boss to Washington DC, where the US military struggles to throw a ring of steel around the Capitol. Meanwhile, MM’s research finally bears fruit, but with all Hell breaking loose will his discoveries come too late? Billy Butcher goes off to meet his destiny, in the penultimate part of Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men.

Solicitation for The Boys #63 (Dynamite, 2012)

Shipping: February, 2012

Everything comes to a head at once as Frenchie and the Female take on Team Titanic, Maeve and Annie have a heart to heart and Hughie comes face to face with the reason he joined the Boys in the first place. Vought-American are suddenly ready to parley, but with the White House in new hands and the Homelander’s plans finally kicking in, is Butcher in any mood to listen?

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