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When Animals Attack!!! Part I – ‘Grizzly’ (1976)

A film that had terrific posters, and tried to base the terror of Jaws on land. But fails.

My dad took me to watch this at the cinema. It was (I think) supposed to make up for the fact that I was not allowed to go and see Jaws (as that was considered too frightening). Well, my folks were right about that – Jaws was terrifying, but Grizzly was not. I remember being faintly amused by the final confrontation between the huge bear and some guys near a helicopter that resulted in a bazooka being employed to devastating effect. I remember that there was a fair amount of killing and ‘blood’. But even as a 6 year old I was not particularly moved by it (certainly not as moved as I was by the ‘A’ rated trailer for ‘The Omen‘ that was being shown prior to ‘Grizzly’. I burrowed myself into my Dad’s right arm until he swore blind to me that that particular clip had finished….)

(Picture of Lee Remick as Katherine Thorn cradling her son Damien (Harvey Stephens) from ‘The Omen'(1976))

As well as it’s ham-fisted attempt at replicating the terror and tension of ‘Jaws’, Grizzly couldn’t get its posters right either (as good as some of them were at trying to sell the movie). Whereas one of the posters promised ’18 feet of gut crunching terror’, another ad promised a bit less than that;

So, ‘Grizzly’ is just a derivative of ‘Jaws’ – large predator hunting down visitors in a tourist area – and not a very good one at that. BUT, it could be viewed as so bad it is good (which is often s tiresome way to try and enjoy a movie, but judge for yourself from the clips – though they include spoilers);

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