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Like Punk Never Happened – someone answered my prayers and has made an archive of Smash Hits from the early 80’s

I love this man, because I love his blog;

is a site dedicated to nothing but complete magazine scans of Smash Hits from the early 1980s. He has a complete collection of Smash Hits from January 1980 to July 1985 (when I first read that, I felt slightly faint). I think I read it from June 1981 through to the end of 1989, but I possess none of my copies any more. I don’t even know where they went. Apart from the copies I eviscerated to make my Adam Ant scrapbook.

He plans to scan and release each copy fortnightly, on the original publish date (just like the original Smash Hits schedule). And so far, so good.

The site holds many, many treasures. I urge you to go and check it out, for so many reasons, but here are 3;

The Song Lyrics!!!

Adam Ant adverts!!!

Splodgenessabounds on the cover!!!! (Who decided to put Splodgenessabounds on the cover?)

Please support this man in his endeavour.