Misfits (Spears Games, 1970’s)

Misfits was a game that flits around the edges of my memories of visits to relatives, rainy playtimes at primary school when you couldn’t play outside, and a Biennial Christmas surprise (along with the Tufty Road Safety Game). There always seemed to be one of these boxes lying around somewhere in the vicinity;



First produced by Spears Games in 1964, it is a card game where the purpose is to try and make a person from the 60 different cards depicting hats, faces, bodies and 2 separate legs. That last bit is important, because it doesn’t matter how much you mix and match the varied characters hats, heads and bodies, but to win the game you have to be in possession of the most completed characters AND must ensure that the legs match.

Based on information from the excellent boardgamegeek site, I now know that the game is based on a traditional English game. I also now know that the evocative and amusing drawings of the various characters were provided by some truly great British comic artists, such as Leo Baxendale (creator of The Bash Street kids and Minnie the Minx) and David Law, who drew early Dennis the Menace, created Gnasher as his pet, and then went on to produce Beryl the Peril (basically a female version of Dennis).

The characters are bizarre, amusing and most would not be even dared considered today. So let us take a look at some of the faces;














Spaceman! (He was always my favourite!)


(all head cards come courtesy of http://www.pointlessmuseum.com/museum/misfitsindex.php)

And here are some of the combinations you can make with the full quota of characters (others include businessman, a minstrel, circus ringmaster, a clown, an old man, policeman, monkey and hawaiian lady);



The reason I got reminded of this wonderful little game (and thus produced this post) was this advert from 1979;


which I stumbled upon at the wonderful, wonderful flickr site here;






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