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The ‘best ever name for a rapper’ award goes to……

Shorty Shit Stain!

When I purchased the fantastic debut album by Ol’ Dirty Bastard, ‘Return To The 36 Chambers’,

there were several tracks that really stood out, and a couple of them heavily featured other artists, mainly made up of ODB’s crew, the ‘Brooklyn Zu’. On Track 14, “Proteck Ya Neck II In The Zoo” it features a whole host of friends, those being Buddah Monk, Prodigal Sunn, Zu Keeper, Murdoc, Killah Priest, 12 O’Clock, 60 Second Assasin, and the marvellous-monikered Shorty Shit Stain. It’s a raw, dirty slab of mid-nineties east-coast hip hop, with ODB’s maniacal / drunken rapping style leading the charge.

Aside* In an unfathomable way, in the way that the iPod shuffle selection is magical, telepathic and slightly scary, one of ODB’s finest tracks is playing as I write this (the TJ Hooker-sampling “I Can’t Wait” from his 2nd album, the patchy “Nigga Please”)*End Of Aside*

Shorty Shit Stain gets a verse on “…II In The Zoo”, and he manages to namecheck himself, which is only fair, as self promotion is an integral part of the game in rapping;

[Shorty Shit Stain – Brooklyn Zu]

Got more props than the President
My hardcore represent, blowin niggaz back who never had this
Cause I’m gifted, so you can get wrapped
The shit I’m kickin, send it to your MOMS for Christmas
And tell her Shorty Shit Stain sent it
Soon to have more green than the Jolly Green Giant
Cuz niggaz rap styles just down is aspired
You shoulda stayed HOME instead of picking up a microphone
But if you wanna run on up, like you TOUGH
I call your bluff, and blow you down with my hardcore
Stuff, I shine like twenty-four carat

Great album, by the way – one of the Wu Tang classics, from their Golden Period in the early to mid-90s – for other greats from that period, check out the following;

Method Man – Tical
Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
GZA – Liquid Swords
Ghostface Killah feat Raekwon – Ironman

and the one that kicked off the fuss;

Wu Tang Clan – Enter The Wu Tang 36 Chambers

Amazingly, the RZA produced all of those beauties pretty much on his own – it was when he took a step back that the second round of albums started dipping in terms of quality (honourable exception goes to Ghostface Killah aka Ghostface aka Tony Starks aka Ironman, who has never produced a less-than-very-good album).

Back to Shorty Shit Stain. I looked for more details on the guy, like a photo, which I thought would be useful because I couldnt really envisage what a guy who called himself Shorty Shit Stain would like. I cannot locate one anywhere, not even on this site which appears to be written by ‘Zukeeper’, one of the ‘Brooklyn Zoo’;

What I do know now, after visiting that site, is that Shorty… is the brother of both ’12 O’ Clock’ & ‘Zukeeper’, but the ‘bio’ section of the site only has a ‘coming soon’ next to Shorty’s entry….

Sadly, they only have 1 friend on myspace as well;

Here’s a discography of Shorty’s rapping on record. Seems like he hasnt done anything since the late nineties (unless the contribution on ODB’s best of was a new contribution);

Anyone know if Shorty Shit Stain, or even Brooklyn Zu, are still active?