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MS paint album covers game

I am a member of a fantastic music forum, full of lively, interesting people. Every now and again a new thread starts up that really captures everyones imagination. This one started up yesterday and is a fantastic idea.

Recreate an album cover on MS paint, and then everyone has to guess what it is. There have been some beauties (The Beastie Boys ‘Check Your Head’, Beck ‘The Information’). Here is a couple that I have created – one is fairly difficult, but the other cover actually looks like it could have been created using MS paint.

Here we go;


So the first one is Funkadelic ‘Maggot Brain’ and the second one (which is probably the easiest one to duplicate other than ‘The Beatles’) is Primal Scream ‘Screamadelica’.

What fun. I will do more and fill up my time until ‘The Walking Dead’ #45 arrives through my letterbox. I want it now!

Have I mentioned how addicted I am to ‘The Walking Dead’????