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It’s nearly Christmas so let’s look at old catalogue pages and press adverts with toys on them (the seventies)

I never knew that there was a Space 1999 playset (but this is from an American Catalogue so maybe not in the UK?) but putting that relevation to one side let’s not forget – and indeed, let us celebrate) the fact that Space 1999 had one of the best intro sequences and music of any TV show ever;

and then we have an advert for the Waddingtons UK board game ‘Frankenstein’;

The Space 1999 image comes courtesy of an interesting blog with lots of other action figure related posts;

The Frankenstein bord game advert came courtesy of the always interesting ‘The Cobwebbed Room’ blog;

Space 1999 lolly from Lyons Maid – wrapper and television advert! (1976)

Space 1999 was the second live action television production from the fertile imagination of Gerry Anderson. But I don’t want to talk about the show itself – I want to talk about the ice lolly of the show!

Produced by Lyons Maid, the Space 1999 iced lolly was launched in the mid-70’s, and each lolly came with a free card. Here is the wrapper;

and here is one of the cards (there were 25 to collect in total);

Finally, here is the (short but rather splendid) television advert, illustrated by the great Frank Bellamy;

More information on the advert here.

Toys I Wanted But Never Got – Space 1999 Stun Gun (1970’s)

It was just so much cooler than a crappy green plastic water pistol, or cap gun. I only knew one person who had one, and I only saw it once at school, but that was enough to haunt me forever……….

Space 1999 was a Gerry Anderson live action production, starring Martin Landau as Captain Koenig. Here he is, on the Series 2 intro, about 20 seconds in, brandishing the object of my young stun gun desires;

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