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When Robocop and Mad Max merge – you get R.O.T.O.R – the Movie Poster! (1989)

Mad Max…

Plus Robocop…

Equals R.O.T.O.R!

Links Wiki entry for R.O.T.O.R. IMDB entry for R.O.T.O.R.

R.O.T.O.R. was a pretty awful – no, actually it was just plain awful – 1989 action flick ‘inspired’ by Robocop and Terminator’. No redeeming features whatsoever – but if you are feeling brutal, you could try and sit through it, as someone has posted it on youtube in its entirety. Here is part one;

Nomad Riders – the Mad Max rip-off with the improbably named hero (1981)

Nomad Riders is a Mad Max rip-off, okay? You can tell just by looking at the cover art that we are dealing with a clone of Road Warrior / Mad Max. The story confirms it – One man hunting down the killers of his family. That in itself is not unusual, as there were plenty of rip offs of its sequel, Mad Max 2, throughout the Eighties. I should know, I watched them all! However, what makes Nomad Riders stand out a little is the name of its hero;

Steve Thrust

Yes, you heard it right.

Steve Thrust

Anyway, you can watch some of this low budget Steve Thrust nonsense here;

Find out more about Nomad Riders (if you must) here;