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Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer (Capcom, 1997)

Before the final release of Resident Evil 2 in 1998, came an intriguing, frustrating glimpse of an alternate game. Biohazard (aka Resident Evil) 2 was originally due for release in 1997, but the developers, unhappy with the game, canned it and began from scratch. No working version appears to be available out in the gaming community, but gameplay footage does exist, as well as lots of press and photos. The Resident Evil series has form when it comes to scrapping games in production – also see Resident Evil 4, another one featuring Leon S Kennedy.

As well as a set of new characters that were never subsequently used, such as student Elza Walker (left), the trailer also shows a vastly different look and feel to the settings that is more futuristic, compared to the slight Gothic tinge we get with the released version of the game.

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