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How good is Siege #1? (Marvel, 2010)

Warning – mild spoilers

There are not so many Marvel titles that I bother with at the minute. Most of them leave me cold, though Daredevil & Captain America occasionally catch my eye, Marvel Zombies is obligatory reading, and some of the stuff from the Marvel imprints (like Criminal and Kick-Ass). The last time I was reading a fair amount of Marvel titles was during ‘Secret Invasion’ in 2008, and frankly, I think I overdosed on the Marvel Universe and just got sick of it all. I missed the majority of ‘Dark Reign’, but ‘Siege’ has something appealing about it – an alleged finale to several years worth of storylines, stretching back to ‘Avengers Disassembled’ right up to the current ‘Dark Reign’ of Norman Osborne. If this is the culmination of a (nearly) 7 year plan, then the execution seems to justify such long term thinking.

Siege, simply put, is a great advertisement for Marvel Comics.

It is fiendishly simple – a great Villain (Osborn), versus a trinity of A-list superheroes in the Marvel line-up. You may be able to guess who they are. It’s good old-fashioned Silver Age style entertainment, and the conclusion to issue 1 is the most exciting thing I have seen in a comic all year 😉

So, how good is Siege #1? It’s very good. A blockbuster that, on its debut, actually lives up to its promise.