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Trail of Death – the reality that lies beyond the ‘Unknown Soldier’

If you read this blog at all, then you may know that I think that Joshua Dysart’s Vertigo title ‘Unknown Soldier’ is an important, thrilling and vital comic book – and there are not many titles in that medium that can claim such entitlement. If you know anything about the comic, then you will know it is set in Uganda around 2002, and its main concern is detailing Dr. Moses Lwanga (aka the titular ‘Unknown Soldier’) and his encounters with the Lords Resistance Army. The comic is horrific and unsparing in its details of the tragedy of Uganda. What is happening now, with the LRA active in DR Congo, is astonishing – in the fact that the LRA seem able to operate at will to inflict death and misery, and astonishing in the fact that there seems to be no way of stopping this cycle of outrages. More information here;

Fresh evidence is uncovered by the BBC of recent atrocities carried out by the LRA

and the LRA respond to these allegations;

Trail of Death – LRA atrocities in Northeastern DR Congo (produced by Human Rights Watch)