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Joe Kinnear and the best football press conference ever (2008)

Joe Kinnear, the former Wimbledon and Nottigham Forest football manager is currently the ‘interim’ in charge at troubled Premiership club Newcastle United. I do not normally blog about football, but this is just so priceless that I am compelled to – what follows is a link to the Guardian article that has the (edited) transcript of Kinnears first press conference in his new role (please note that there is VERY STRONG LANGUAGE used in this article);

Kinnear, as I have mentioned, was in charge of Nottingham Forest, but felt the club had not moved on from the legacy of the magnificent Brian Clough (who I have posted about in previous months);

and, mirroring the chaotic press conference, the events unfolding at Newcastle are as bizarre as Kinnears outburst;

By the way, if you should want to listen to Kinnears broadside toward the press, it is here, but be warned it contains VERY STRONG LANGUAGE, so much so that I have to use UPPER CASE to convey the severity of the language used…..

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