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Review – Captain Britain & MI13 #15 (Marvel, 2009)

Farewell, Captain Britain. For now, no doubt, as we should see him (and hopefully MI13) in some form or other in the future. For now, though, one of the finest titles in recent times has come to an end, with the conclusion of ‘Vampire State’. It is hard to be objective about this as I was aware of this being an end to a great title, but the issue wrapped the current story up and left us with the impression that this team would carry on – there was no disbanding of the line-up.

The conclusion to the Vampire invasion was handled well enough, althoughsome of the earlier issues in this arc were stronger in my opinion. The arrival of the cavalry midway through this issue was a nice touch, even though there appearance was fleeting, and to an extent, pointless, like a substitute coming on in the last 2 minutes of a football match – you rarely get to chance to shine in that sort of scenario.

There was a sort of happy ending to give you that warm fuzzy feeling, and helped (a little) to soften the blow that I will not be reading this title again. I plan to do a review of the whole series in the coming days, so I can try to convey how good Captain Britain & MI13 was.