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Review – Destroyer #3 (Marvel MAX, 2009)

This is Kirkman without the human relationships angle that he employs to great effect with the Walking Dead, and a lesser extent Invincible, but look! Destroyer has lots of blood and fighting, made pretty by the clean lines of Cory Walker! This issue (the third of five) is just one big fight scene for Destroyer, and the big showdown with Scar, with Marlowes (aka Destroyer) Daughter kidnapped and in peril to add spice to the proceedings. There is a ton of blood and guts and smashing fists and pulverized bodies and heads. It ends up as a cross between the Sin City series ‘That Yellow Bastard‘ and something Peter Jackson would have done in his pre-Lord of the Rings days. It’s fairly mindless and fairly entertaining, and very violent and very, very gory. Oh, and there is a big explosion because that gives them an opportunity to do the ‘KA-BOOM’ lettering all pretty like what they do in Invincible – you know, like this sort of lettering;

Hey, you probably know if you like this sort of thing. Minimal exposition, minimal dialogue, just lots of fighting that degenerates into a bloodbath, all pretty much done with super-powered fists. The premise, as you may know, is about an old superhero from the Golden Age, called Destroyer, who is dying and so he feels obliged to take out as many bad guys as he can before he dies. That’s it. It is no frills, lean, mean storytelling. A high concept committed to the comic book medium. I like it, but I don’t love it. Its not bad, its just not really good – it doesn’t really draw me in to Marlowe’s world and make me want him to succeed. It will just about justify its 5 issue run. That is no bad thing in itself, but maybe I was expecting this to be more than the sum of its parts. But not everything can be as good as The Walking Dead, can it?