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Review – Paperback Fanatic #9

The ‘Paperback Fanatic’ magazine. 44 pages of A4 paper, with a gorgeous wrap-around cover. There is something inherently satisfying nowadays in getting hold of a physical magazine, something that almost feels nostalgic. But this issue of Paperback Fanatic, my first, its ninth, gave me more than just a nostalgic glow. The contents are excellent;

Dracula Unborn! An interview with horror author Peter Tremayne

Skinhead Revival! The untold story of the skinhead pulps – it was here that I really got my moneys worth. I never knew that the intended original author of the NEL Skinhead book was supposed to be an actual Skinhead.

The Twilight World of Eli Podgram! An in-depth look at Wilfred McNeilly and his occult detective The Specialist (and this is written by the guy who produces the superb Groovy Age Of Horror site, just to give you an idea of the quality of the writing here).

Richard Clifton-Dey- the UK’s finest paperback illustrator gets The Fanatic treatment

The Man From ORGY- Ted Mark’s cult sex spy series of the sixties is reviewed

Plus a pile of Fanatical Mails and loads of super-rare cover reproductions.

The best part of this issue was the Skinhead article, delving into the origins of the books (originally commissioned to an East-End Skinhead to produce an account of Skinhead life), a description of Mrs Richard Allen, the work rate and mindset of Mr Richard Allen, and a critique of the books, their revival in the mid-90s, plus a review of the Original ‘Skinhead’ book.

It is a top magazine, and if you have any interest in this sort of thing (and if you are on this site, you may well have an interest), then please, go ahead and check it out. It looks great sat up on one of my bookshelves. You can order it here. The order process is nice and easy, and I got mine over in the Netherlands within 7 days of ordering. A great magazine to dip in and out of. Excellent.