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5 page Preview – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #8 (Boom! Studios, 2010)

Out Wednesday January 27th……

Written by Philip K. Dick
Drawn by Tony Parker
SC, 32 pgs, FC, (7 of 24), SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Brett Weldele
COVER B: Scott Keating
Diamond Code: NOV090672

From the bestselling book that inspired the film Blade Runner! Things heat up in this issue of Philip K. Dick’s masterpiece as Deckard’s tireless hunt for the Nexus-6 androids continues. Although they are not easy to identify, staying alive may prove to be the hardest part of Deckard’s quest!

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said to become a Movie. Gosh.

Amazing. What with the news that they are going to attempt to bring Cormac McCarthy’s ‘unfilmable‘Blood Meridian’ to the cinema, Jim Thompson’s ‘Killer Inside Me’ should be with us in 2010, and now this news, I just hope they don’t drop the ball in making some of the most mind-blowing cinema ever.

‘Flow my tears..’ is a profoundly moving book, though it is not always exactly clear why you feel moved. The story is about a genetically enhanced pop singer and television star who loses his identity overnight in a dystopic American police state ravaged by civil war. I cannot tell you how good the book is – you have to read it. Likewise with Blood Meridian. There are some images in that book that will never leave my mind. I just don’t know how they will film them…