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Rammbock (2010)

It’s a German Zombie film, it is due to premiere at Cannes and I hope it makes it the short distance to here in The Netherlands. The plot;

Just when Michael arrives in Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend Gabi, a terrible virus starts spreading across the city at a rapid pace, turning people into mindless homicidal maniacs. Much to Michael’s concern, Gabi’s not home; instead, he meets Harper, a teenage plumber’s apprentice at work in her apartment block. Together, they manage to barricade themselves when raging hordes of infected people swarm the building. Surrounded by these thirsty zombies, Michael and Harper have their hands full to survive – and it will take all of their ingenuity to make their way out to try and find Gabi.

Review – Victorian Undead #3 (Wildstorm, 2010)

5 Reasons I love this book (and there are some SPOILERS herein);

1) Edgintons lively use of the English language, and the idiosyncrasies of Victorian language in particular (seen in full florid effect in his magnificent Stickleback for 2000AD).

2) The plot! Steampunk revenant shenanigans with Holmes & Watson – and in this issue, the return of a familiar foe……(but not how you may have remembered him).

3) Said plot is lively, witty, on occasion quite chilling. What more do you need from a Sherlock Holmes story?

4) Art (from Fabbri) is bright, with some nice Steampunk touches, and his rendering of the undead is solid. There is light and shade, squalor and sleaze, grotesquery and ghoulishness. He can summon a mood of Victoriana with his bold, clean lines – plus, the guy draws mean sideburns as well – respect.

5) It’s accessible. You do not need to be mired in the mythology of Conan Doyle’s creation to appreciate this for what it is – rip-snorting adventure!

Babylon Fields pilot – watch it here! (2007)

Here it is – a pilot for a series that CBS never took the option up on. ‘Babylon Fields’, a story of the Dead coming back to life – and trying to reintegrate into society / attempt to pick up the pieces of the lives and people they left behind. If the premise sounds familiar, it’s because a French film called Les Revenants (aka They Came Back) explored this very territory in 2004. Anyway, the film is here, courtesy of google video;

IMDB entry here

Wiki entry

TV Week article here

Rise of The Living Dead Novel – an examination (Link)

Entitled ‘Might of the Living Dead’ this article from Publishers Weekly examines the recent rise in popularity of the Zombie in fiction, and gives details of some upcoming releases, like the new Max Brooks work, which is a graphic novel entitled ‘The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks’, a graphic novel rendering of historical zombie conflicts from as far back as 60,000 B.C. That is due in October, and cause to get excited, seeing as he has already produced the masterful World War Z. Here is the link;

Zombies vs Robots – An appreciation of the IDW comic book (2007) Plus – ZVR Adventures (2009)

Zombies Vs Robots (IDW, 2007) An Appreciation.

Written by Chris Ryall, Art by Ashley Wood

Three scientists, Throckmorton, Winterbottom and Satterfield are the orchestrator’s of this titanic battle for Earth and the survival of Mankind. After creating a portal for time travel, a test of its capabilities brings one of the scientists back as a heap of flesh. Sentient robots are then designed and used to exploit time travel, as human bodies could not deal with its rigours (but the robots could). It is during these explorations through time (whether in the past or future is unclear) that the robots inadvertently bring back a zombie plague. Soon, and with the human race decimated, it is the sentient robots that are all that are standing between the future survival of mankind (which hinges on keeping a baby alive) and a seething mass of the undead. The robots are protecting the baby until such a time as they can clone the child, thus ensuring mankind’s continuation.

What you get is exactly what the title describes – Zombies versus Robots, in an epic and apocalyptic setting, the protection of the child paramount, the Robots calm and analytical against the mindless Zombie hunger and rage.

The finale is literally apocalyptic, but with a twist at the end (there is a follow-up called Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons, which gives you an idea where the story is headed).

Zombies vs Robots is all about broad strokes – robots fight zombies to protect mankind so in essence what you see is what you get – because I believe this title is all about the art. It has some of the most thrilling and intense artwork I have seen, and the design of the robots is amazing. I urge you to investigate this unique and effective sci-fi / horror tale.

Published by IDW, ‘Zombies vs Robots’ is available as a Hardcover, as a softcover that also includes ‘Zombies vs Robots vs Amazons’ and you may even still pick up the original comics on ebay etc

The good news is that they are now are returning with a bi-monthly serial, ZVR Adventures (and issue 1 is a nice tribute to Warrens ‘Blazing Combat’);

Cover to ZVR Adventures #1

Cover to Blazing Combat #1

see here for more on ZVR Adventures #1, and the solicitation reads like this;

Written by Chris Ryall, art and cover by Ashley Wood.

Zombies vs Robots returns in an all-new bi-monthly series. And this time around, you get three serials in one. Beginning in this issue, the war story of “Kampf,” the human resistance grows in “Masques” and a voodoo curse leads to new zombies in “Zuvembies.”

Due in June 2009. Looks like another one for my pull list. – check out the Ashley Wood website – Ashley Wood wiki entry – Chris Ryall / IDW entry on Wiki – IDW home

The Last Stand 2

Around a year ago I posted a link to a fantastic and free online flash game called The Last Stand –

Well, there is a sequel to that shooter, and it is;

and it is as addictive as the first game.

Can also be found here;

The Walking Dead 56 review

Although this issue lacks the WOW factor of issue #55 (and does not have the startling cliffhanger conclusion of that issue), issue #56 is a slow burner. It took me a re-read of the issue to really get it. My first impressions were that it was a let-down after the high drama of the previous couple of episodes. Reading it again, I realised that this was a more subtle drama.

The main interest lies in the increasingly fractious relationship between Rick Grimes and Abraham Ford. Where previously Rick seemed content to let Sgt Ford take a firm grip on leadership of the survivors, he is now reasserting himself, and there appears to be an impasse developing. An impasse that looks likely to result in a bad outcome. We learn a little more about Ford towards the end of the book, and it is not in keeping with the previous ‘action hero’ persona. The new characters suddenly become a little more than saviours – more problematic and possibly posing more danger than previously thought.

A slow burner of an issue, but by the end of it the tensions and drama are beginning to boil. As they head on towards Washington DC, you get the sense that this group will have a hard time remaining united.