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Review – Young Liars issue 14 (Veritgo, 2009)

Warning – Spoilers

Reading ‘Young Liars’ has been less of a chore and much, much more of a pleasure. There were times around issues 7, 8 & 9 when I wondered if I could continue with the title, as its various plot threads, space and time jumps and characters as Spiders From Mars began to overwhelm me. Now, at issue 14, the series is a fascinating exploration of whodunit?, bluff and double-bluff.

This issue begins with an amorous liaison between Johnny Jukebox & Annie X, who reveals herself as ‘acute observationist no.4’. Observing who though? It transpires that she is observing the object of her affections – however, Annie X is using sex as a weapon to observe Danny Noonan aka Johnny Jukebox – and it is those few words that Annie X lets the cat out of the bag. Danny Noonan and Johnny Jukebox are one and the same, and it is all for one fundamental purpose – in Annie’s words it is to ‘protect the integrity of the web’ (yes, those Spiders are back!). Throw into the mix the following; home made bombs, East German porn, Fur Coats, Plastic Surgery and wine spiked with truth serums, a circus cannon and missing medications, and an ending where the Spider becomes the Fly and what you have is the head-turning brilliance of Young Liars taking another step towards being the best rock n roll title EVER.

Oh, and if you have ever wondered what a spider calender girl would look like, then I urge you to seek out this issue.

Young Liars issue 14, by David Lapham, is out now, published by Vertigo.