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Review – The Walking Dead #71 (Image, 2010)

Finally here – about 6 weeks late (Kirkman even kicks off his ‘Letter Hacks’ with an apology). Was it worth the wait? Of course it was, though I doubt anyone was expecting fireworks in this issue, and in that sense, this issue did not disappoint. A low-key introduction to the new community that Rick & co have arrived into, some rules and boundaries are set, and adjusting to the new life is shown with wonderful clarity by the ever talented Charlie Adlard (just little details in the panels, like Carl & Sophia interacting – it’s touching and wonderful).

And then there is the fear, suspicion and uncertainty on both sides. Which side has the most to fear, and the most to lose? Kirkman clearly sets this out as a big question in this issue, and that theme runs the whole duration of #71, until the final full page panel, when someone says something that spins the direction of this arc in a direction that should really challenge your perceptions on some of the characters in this drama.

An issue to read at least a couple of times – many threads are being developed here that are going to run their course in this arc and beyond. It also boasts one of the best covers of this fine series.

Worth waiting for – but if we get issue #72 within 4 weeks I will be very, very happy.