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Review – Destroyer #1 (Marvel MAX, 2009)

Robert Kirkman has a distinctive style of telling a story, whether dealing with the zombie apocalypse of The Walking Dead, or the Spiderman / Superman / superhero love letter that is Invincible. In these stories, there is a real human drama ever present (though with Invincible it always feels a bit more of a soap opera). The new Kirkman offering, with Invincible artist Cory Walker, is closer in feel to Invincible than the peerless Walking Dead, but that it is no bad thing. The premise is this – Destroyer, a Golden Age superhero (see below)

is an old man, and he is dying. With this news, Keen Marlow (aka Destroyer) has a simple plan – to take down as many of the bad guys as possible before death. This first issue establishes the main characters, and lots of gore and viscera (including a bloody finale that has characters curiously matter-of-fact about murder). It all flashes past in an instant, but it is an enjoyable instant. The art, as you would expect from Cory Walkerm is never less than excellent – all clean lines and dynamic action.

This is the vigilantes wet-dream, taking out as many bad guys as possible before it all comes to a stop and death catches up with you. It could have been the final film of Paul Kerseys life, the ultimate Death Wish kill ’em all slaughter festival, but instead, the Destroyer got there first. 4 more episodes to go, and it promises to be a short, bitter-sweet journey. Go get ’em, Keen.