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Lee Majors, The Beastie Boys and The Six Million Dollar Man

First off, a new Beastie Boys track called “Lee Majors Come Again” (its new material from the forthcoming album, due out in September, which was going to be called ‘Tadlocks Glasses’, but has been renamed, now going by the much less interesting ‘Hot Sauce Committee’);

the track is the A side of a 7 inch given away with the recent ‘Check Your Head’ remaster. More info here;

Lee Majors played 2 iconic TV characters in the Seventies and Eighties – one being ‘The Fall Guy’, and the other, more famous role was playing Steve Austin, aka The Six Million Dollar Man. There was a lot of merchandise associated with the with the programme, most famously the Action Figures produced by Kenner, and there were also a series of comics produced by Charlton. If you fancy a look at them, follow this link;

and if you want to check out the ‘book and record’ version of the Six Million Dollar Man;

check the full cover gallery here