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Review – Resurrection #5 (Onipress, 2009)

Wow – this is more like it. After a run of interminable issues (beginning with #1 of this reboot of the title), #4, reviewed last month, began to pick up the pace. This time round we get the goods right from the start….

Kicking off with a flashback to 1998, with the White House under alien attack, Benjamin Delacroix makes a fateful decision. The tension and drama are fantastic, really cinematic with a feeling of time running out and quick decisions having to be made. Delacroix’s choices on that day directly effect the way this issue plays out, as the survivors in ‘Red Lion’, including Bill Clinton and Delacroix, try to plan an escape after ‘Road Agents’ (a cross between the Dawn of the Dead Bikers & Mad Max 2‘s Humongus-led band of savages) invade. What follows are a series of running battles as those under attack try to get to a security van that can get them away from the Road Agents.

My previous criticisms of this series included the art. Maybe I am just getting used to the style, or because the plotting and pacing is so exciting this time round, but the art actually worked. The illustration of the flashback scene is especially well executed, especially the perspective of the devastating attack on the White House.

The other criticism, the lack of ‘character’ in the characters, is not as prevalent. Delacroix comes across as a man who under extreme pressure made a choice that, depending on your moral compass, was either justifiable or reprehensible. His actions invest him with more humanity, and make him a more compelling character. Brad, meanwhile, one of the White House staff who was with Delacroix on that fateful day in 1998, reacts in a very human way, his motivation completely believable. His actions lead to a shocking conclusion, where the art really comes into its own, with effective use of panels on a gripping final page.

I have stuck with Resurrection, did not take it off my pull list, even when I could barely get through issue 3 (it was really bad, I could not even muster a few bad words to put in a review). However, this series seems to be on track now. I am glad I stuck with it. Exciting, tense and action packed, Resurrection is a title I am going to be looking forward to next month. If you have not checked it out, then issue 5 is probably a good jumping on point. In fact, I urge you to check out Resurrection. Issue 5 is where it gets very good indeed.