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Saturday mornings on Central Part TV III – Terrahawks!!!

Terrahawks saw the return of Gerry Anderson to puppet based shows after his live action work (UFO, Space 1999). It was actually his first puppet show since the curious experiment of Stanley Unwin and ‘The Secret Service‘. This time, however, they were not marionettes, but latex ‘muppet’ style puppets, allowing Gerry Anderson greater freedom of expression with his characters – in this show, they were not hindered by wires, and subsequently could be shown running. ‘Terrahawks’ ran on ITV regions in 1983 and 1984 on Saturday mornings, and was cancelled after 2 series, with a total of 39 episodes made. Like Star Fleet, the episodes ran in the 30 minute slot prior to the main Saturday morning childrens show (in this case, The Saturday Show and The Saturday Starship respectively).

Here is the intro to the show;

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Toys I Wanted But Never Got – Space 1999 Stun Gun (1970’s)

It was just so much cooler than a crappy green plastic water pistol, or cap gun. I only knew one person who had one, and I only saw it once at school, but that was enough to haunt me forever……….

Space 1999 was a Gerry Anderson live action production, starring Martin Landau as Captain Koenig. Here he is, on the Series 2 intro, about 20 seconds in, brandishing the object of my young stun gun desires;

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Joe 90 intro – 1968

Psychedelic late 60s visuals and sound from the esteemed Gerry & Sylvia Anderson team. A 9 year old boy who undergoes brain washing to undertake deadly spy missions? Could they get away with it today? I guess its ‘children’ are the likes of the Robert Rodriguez ‘Spy Kids’ trilogy (see, and the Charlie Higson ‘young James Bond’ novels (see Joe 90 didn’t match the success of Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet (it was limited to one series of 30 episodes), and was the last of the classic ‘Supermarionation’ filmed Anderson productions (see here for a fuller explanation of Supermarionation).

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The next Gerry Anderson production was ‘The Secret Service’, of which I will write about at a future date.