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Jaws & Jaws 2 Movie Posters from around the World, Soundtrack Cover Art and a Jaws Nintendo Box cover

A selection of movie poster art from around the world to promote the original Jaws film and its sequel (which was pretty good in my opinion, though not anywhere near as good as the original). These pieces of art are all fantastic, and some of the interpretations – thinking here of the Czech and Polish – are quite brilliant. The Thai posters are so exciting I could look at them rather than watch a movie. Enough talk – here they are;


Czech poster;

Thai poster;

USA poster

Polish Poster


Recalled USA Teaser Poster

USA Poster

Japanese Poster

Polish Poster

Thai Poster

USA Poster


Jaws 2 Soundtrack Album Cover Art

JAWS Nintendo Entertainment System Game Box Art

JAWS Nintendo Entertainment System Game Intro Screen

If anyone out there has any other Jaws / Jaws 2 poster images from around the world, let me know.