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Review – The Walking Dead 107 (Image/Skybound, 2013)

A typically misleading / playful (depending on your mood) cover shot for the latest installment. Is Carl really dead this time?


No, of course he isn’t – though he doesn’t look too good without the face bandages. How would they work that into the TV show?

Meanwhile, Kirkman continues to confound with Negan. Or maybe exasperate. The guy is a conundrum. You want to hate him but at the same time Kirkman throws in a new side to his character so that you might possibly end up respecting him a little. He still forms sentences with Tourettes levels of bad language, but his reasoning behind cooperation over conflict worked for me. Rick, as usual, leads with his head (butt) and his one good fist when faced with the threat of his sons safety. The fact that his attack on Negan is met with minor amusement  then slight annoyance suggests that to Negan, Rick is no threat.

So we get the idea that The Saviors are aptly named – they work with all the neighbouring communities, the proviso being cooperation means bending to Negan’s will and surrendering good and services on demand. But as long as that is maintained, Negan’s ‘army’ keep order and the undead at bay. Saviors indeed.

Which brings me onto the next point of note (Negan’s ‘army’). Carl was not just being an impetuous pre-teen who decided to take on a group of well armed adults with psychopathic tendencies. Well, in truth he was that, but a happy benefit of that rash decision is the intel that Carl has on the inner workings of  Negan’s fortress. When quizzed by Jesus and Rick, it seems that the ‘army’ may not be as well manned as previously thought. Which brings us on to the conclusion of issue 107, when Jesus (who gets better and better and is probably my favourite character right now) suggests a meeting with ‘Ezekiel’. Ezekiel, you may know, or may not, is this guy;

Fun times ahead. Looks like there may be a new Revolution coming to the US in the months ahead.

There were also a couple of sub-plots worthy of discussion. One good, one bad. The good was Eugene and his factory find. Despite all but disappearing in the slipstream of Abraham (RIP), he may now have a chance to shine and actually prove to be useful, providing he can walk the walk as well as he can talk the talk (i.e. produce ammunition to specification and that is fit for purpose). If that is the case, then we may see a tipping point and the odds swing towards Rick in his struggle against Negan.

The bad sub-plot involves Michonne and Heath. Michonne hits on Heath, with no prior warning. Her grab at him is as unsubtle as this new plot development and just begs the question why? It served no purpose and made Michonne look foolish. If it looks like filler and feels like filler, it probably is filler. Not good.

Overall, the issue is another success. No great drama, but layering on the intrigue, fleshing out Negan and Jesus a little more, with the promise of a new character next time round. Apart from that one blip, this continues the comics good run of form.