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Wolverine #71 review (Marvel, 2009)

Yes, that is a Venom coated T-Rex, looking like it is hot pursuit of something. That ‘something’ is the ‘Spidey-Buggy’ (de rigeur post-super-heroes-apocalypse transportation) containing Wolverine (aka ‘Old Man Logan’) and Hawkeye (old and blind). It is a great start to an issue that is full of incident, with the likes of Black Bolt and Emma Frost making an appearance, and you get treated to the stunning vista that is ‘Pym Falls’. You probably have an idea what that is all about. We get to find out exactly what Hawkeye has been transporting across the ravaged lands, and it is quite a surprise – this leads to a bloody finale that does not end well. I think Wolverine is due to get his claws out any time soon.

I really like the ‘Old Man Logan’ run – Millar presents an absorbing alternative future, and the art of McNiven is clean, crisp and stunning in some of its detail (like Pym Falls) – and this issue set up the final 2 episodes very nicely.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (18/03/2009)

Titles to look forward to this week;

Air #7 DC Comics
Punisher #3 Marvel Comics
Transmetropolitan #1 (Special Edition) DC Comics
Wolverine #71 Marvel Comics

The intriguing AIR #7 comes out this week at a very competitive price from DC, with a 22 page recap of the story up to that point, which should get a few more readers on board. I thought it started strongly enough, and issue 7 is certainly worth a go for the price. PUNISHER #3 (under the ‘Dark Reign’ banner) continues Rick Remender’s impressive start to his run on the title. DC are bringing out TRANSMETROPOLITAN # 1, as part of their ‘After Watchmen, what next?’ campaign. Read Warren Ellis’ views on that here. Finally, WOLVERINE #71 continues the very enjoyable ‘Old Man Logan’ storyline, which features an appearance of a Venom T-Rex…..