Post Apocalypse XXV – Gary Numan is Max Rockatansky-ish in Warriors (1983)

Back in 1983, clearly as taken with Mad Max II as I was, and obviously having much more money than my poor teenage self, Gary Numan decided to pay homage to Max himself by looking a lot like him on his single ‘Warriors’;

and he looked rather good too (he would have been perfect in one of the Italian post Apocalypse efforts). A brief reminder, dear reader, of the source of inspiration here;

But don’t expect any ‘Wild Boys‘ style homage in the video for the single. Oh no –  this is something else, and your mileage may vary (I lasted less than 30 seconds…)

Review – The Walking Dead #114 (image/skybound, 2013)

Needless to say – Spoilers…

As this is the one before ‘All Out War’, you would be supremely optimistic, and no doubt prone to disappointment, if you expected earth shattering events in this issue. This issue simply wrapped up the foreplay before we head out into all out combat.

Good things –
Jesus getting the upper hand on Negan. That was a very sweet moment.
Adlard’s art at times was superb. The way he staged the attack on Negan and The Saviors was very cool.

Bad things –
the cavalry arrived in the form of Jesus, but I think the arrival of an attack Tiger really pushes this story into the realms of parody.
Another bloody scene where someone tells Rick he is the Messiah / the one true God / the man who will save mankind. Please, change the record.

All in all this was relatively entertaining fare. it had to tread water to an extent because (hopefully) there will be lots of twists and turns in the forthcoming ‘All Out War’ arc.