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Glasvegas – Daddys Gone

I only heard this a couple of days ago, but had been meaning to check it out since the Channel 4 Teletext Music Magazine ‘Planet Sound’ had put them in their annual top 50 best singles of 2007.

This is like Jesus & Mary Chain with more overt Phil Spector-type production, and more poignant, direct lyrics. The song deals with a sons feelings of his father leaving the family. I cant do it justice, you just have to listen to it. There’s a video (below) or if you go on their myspace page there are songs (including ‘Daddys Gone’) available to listen to. Apparently they are unsigned, but surely only a matter of time before that is corrected. They seem to have the greatness and the spirit of great Scottish bands like J&MC and The Pastels about them.

Glasvegas myspace page
Brief BBC article on the band
Lyircs for ‘Daddys Gone’